An evergreen wall to retain escarpments. It is necessary to build supporting walls alongside roads and in gardens to retain natural escarpments or reinforce their retainment. Traditional concrete walls are unattractive and costly and require planning permission. The Muroverde structure guarantees stability and strength and fits harmoniously into the environment as it can be covered with plants.


  • Retaining walls
  • Soundproof barriers
  • Wall facings
  • Garden decor


  • Ecological
  • Economical
  • Can be recovered and re-used
  • Easily laid


The first row of Muroverde is placed on a foundation kerb that can be stepped to accommodate any unevenness of the terrain. The elements are assembled dry in a simple operation that does not require skilled labour. When the first row of elements has been accurately positioned, the following ones are automatically aligned. Each layer is separately filled with soil, which is usually compacted manually. Good quality vegetal soil ensures excellent plant growth to provide an attractive aesthetic effect. In the case of wall facings we recommend installing an irrigation system at the assembly stage.


Wall inclination can be varied due to the fact that the elements are not slotted into each other. The elements can adapt very precisely to the unevenness of the terrain, also in the case of concave and convex curves. Stability may be enhanced by using iron rods to secure the elements to the terrain above. Comparison of our Muroverde with other types of conventional walls is always positive: it is quickly assembled and economical, foundation costs are much reduced and inclination can be varied to requirements.

Transit grids

Vibrated reinforced concrete grid plates to lay on road surfaces in order to support loads and avoid washing away of the surface. This article has through holes for drainage and grass growth. The grid plates have a flush hook for handling and can also be coloured brown for low environmental impact. To achieve a rougher finish with greater grip they can be laid upside down. Their curved shape facilitates laying on bends. These grids can also be used for facing river banks to avoid their erosion.

Seamless road gutters

Vibrated reinforced concrete gutter for the roadside channelling of rainwater. It does not require a grille cover but must be duly marked as an “open ditch”. The seamless gutter does not need a concrete or sand shoulder as it is well reinforced and robust. Handling is facilitated by two hooks inserted into the U, which is rounded to facilitate water and debris flow. On demand the gutters can be coloured brown for low environmental impact.