All our products are CE labelled and made with top quality, certified materials

Why precompressed concrete posts?

Precompressed concrete posts as based on sophisticated, cutting edge construction science theories and the most advanced production technology. They offer a range of features that make them a distinct advantage, even when directly compared with traditional methods such as wood or vibrated concrete posts, and with “steel” posts. These features can be summarised in:

  • Very long life.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Extremely beneficial quality-price ratio.
  • Totally ecological (organic farming).
  • Very high physical-mechanical properties.
  • Undamaged by external agents, such as organic and chemical substances.
  • Uniform quality standards throughout production.

The precompression technique has enabled facing and solving structural problems that would have been impossible to solve with traditional reinforced concrete theories. This considerably increases the mechanical properties of the beams and pillars while reducing their size and weight; which means that the previously tensioned internal reinforcement is working while the structure is at rest. Therefore when the external forces are equal to the maximum allowed, the internal forces in the precompressed structure are null, while in traditional reinforced concrete they would be maximum, creating possible fatigue.

Ecological Organic farming

Precompressed reinforced concrete posts are by far the most ecological of stakes, as they are made from natural aggregates and cement. The cement that is used does not give off any substances into the ground (primers, metals, etc.) and its features remain unchanged over the years, making it ideal for organic farming. Plant treatments do not cause chemical reactions on the concrete posts and do not create polluting substances as stakes in other materials do.

Easy and fast installation

Given their great mechanical strength, precompressed concrete posts are very easy and fast to position. In fact, if they are used in vineyards, orchards and fences, they can be thrust directly into the ground by diggers or equipped tractors. They do not require any maintenance before or after planting, keeping the technical-mechanical properties unaltered over the years.

Customised posts

After the initial seasoning, we made these posts using our patented milling method. This way the post has no cement waste or “ridges”, which could end up in the harvested products, making these posts even more suitable for sliding the harvest beaters along and in other mechanised methods used in vineyards and orchards. The post is also gauged and smoothed on the fourth side, to guarantee a dimensional production standard as well.

The posts can be customised by:
  • Cutting to size
  • Rounded edges by milling, the only method patented by Roberti which does not produce any cement waste or ridges
  • Coloured by natural oxides for a better environmental impact
  • Reinforcement dimensioned for special stress situations
  • Made from cement that is highly resistant to sulphates
  • Through drilling, to make it easy to lay the plant cables and use less expensive accessories
  • Fourth side milled and gauged
  • Use of fibre-reinforced concrete for greater flexibility
  • Header protection


We produce our precompressed posts using:
  • Type IA 52,5 R cement
  • Top quality aggregates that conform to the UNI EN 12620 standard
  • Pre-tensioned steel cables corresponding to the D.M. standard no 1086
and they are tested according to the parameters of the European UNI EN 12839 : 2002 standards and subsequently EC marked.

Our production

Thanks to technological progress in constructions (cements, additives, greater possibility to tighten steel cables, etc.), over the years precompressed concrete posts have evolved as well. The post is now more flexible, long lasting and uniform with respect to the past and does not give off any polluting substances into the ground.